Grand Theft Auto 6: GTA 6 Characters, Maps, Cars and Trailers

gta 6 cars

Stop playing and start gaming because game lovers you don’t have to hold your excitement anymore as Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to release soon. Now over three years old for GTA5 and the next installment in the series is going to release. GTA is one of the fastest selling titles in video game history. The new series of GTA will definitely offer a lot to all of us.

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We still are not sure of the release date and many people are even saying that it can be anytime during 2018-2020. And as the President of Rockstar North Leslie Benches said ”We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do” so with this line we can only predict that the release will not be soon and game lovers have to wait a bit more.

GTA 6 Maps and Locations:

gta 6 maps, gta 6 location, gta 6

It was expected that the GTA 6 can include the entire map of USA and UK. It was earlier rumored to have Tokyo or Vice City as map location, but this idea is scratched off. But let us clear that Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any GTA 6 location or map so far. What if we will get to play on the entire map of USA? This sounds interesting but it’s a tough challenge for Rockstar Games to bring out something this big.

gta 6 world map

Some might argue the fact that why don’t GTA 6 come with an entire world map. So will let us clear it here that it will require huge memory and requirements in terms of Disk Space, RAM, and even Graphics.

One big question that every GTA fan have now is, will their PC configurations support GTA 6 or not. As per some reports, GTA 6 will be released for Xbox 2, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4 and upcoming PS5.Let’s see how it goes.

FOR PC users, GTA 6 will although need configurations even. The Game can come with a package of 50-70 GB and you may need a free space of up to 100 GB.

GTA 6 Characters

GTA 6 characters

Some people play GTA for fun and enjoyment and for such people elements like cars, bikes, etc come out to be exciting. GTA 6 is expected to double the types of cars and bikes and you may also do buying and selling of cars. A huge addition of planes and helicopters is expected. So basically it can be all about new vehicles. Be ready to grind the wheels. GTA 6 is going to feature a rockstar that the players will be forced to play it. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling is expected to be a part of GTA 6 characters.

GTA 6 Cars

gta 6 cars

Cars have always been an important part in Grand theft auto. With upcoming GTA6, we are going to see some major improvement in cars portfolio. Pagani cars are going to main highlights of this game. You can customize and manage these GTA 6 cars with an ease.

A lot of new elements and features are to be expected and some GTA 6 features are out and fans are going crazy after hearing them out. GTA 6 will be available to buy online on Amazon. Everyone is expecting pre- orders of GTA 6 at least six months before the game release date. The download of GTA 6 will also be available but you will have to purchase a key from Rockstar Online.

So, above you have seen some amazing GTA 6 characters, New cars, Maps & locations. If you have any suggestion regarding the game, then feel free to share it with us by commenting below.