GTA 6 Release date, Price, Specs, Game Play & Trailer: Everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA 6 Release Date, Price, Specs, Game Play & Trailer: GTA is one of the best games in the world. The series starts with the vice city which collects huge amount at the collection across the globe. GTA is widely known as the Grand Theft Auto which is very popular among the people. It is the game has the massive fan following from kid to old age people. It shows the potential of the game. The developers of GTA series game is the Rockstar. Rockstar has already launched its first instalment game on 1997. GTA vice city is the first part where the people lauded that game to the core. The success of the first instalment leads to the next parts till 2013.

GTA 5 features

What will We have With GTA 5?

After the great success games like Vice City, San Andreas, and other parts, now it is getting ready for the next game GTA 6. One can play these stunning games in PS3, PS4, XBOX and PC. Each and every install has the best features, especially in graphics. The first part of the series starts with a great look during that time. People across the globe gave their feedback like the game has the best look and graphics design. After all, it stands for two years since the release. Then the San Andreas grabs the attention of the people globally with its huge graphics as well as the stylish story. Recently, GTA 5 has been released on 2013 which creates the best selling game record.

About Grand Theft Auto 5

We all know that the each part has the different protagonist. But here in this GTA 5, there are three protagonists are playing their role. It is one of the best games to download and play at any time with your friends. Already the GTA 5 released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 which gains the large reception among the public. The great news for the people who are all waiting to play GTA 5 on PC and PS4. It is the stupendous chance that you can play on your PC and PS4 very soon which is going to be GTA 6 Released soon.

Importance of GTA

The game has the great features that you can save the files and transfer once the version changes. It means you can move the data from the previous version of the game. As per the information, many users still not found the techniques to complete this GTA 5. Hope the methods to complete the game will add to this game for the users. It also has the high standard graphic design to play at any time.

Great Graphics

We all know that this series has the stunning effect which takes us into that world when we start to play. It has the excellent graphics when compared to the previous releases. You could see the better quality which looks ahead of animation cinema. The environment and terrain look amazingly realistic. One can feel the game looks high level when compared with other games. Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC, PS 4 and Xbox One will be releasing this year soon.

Grand Theft Auto 6

The previous instalment of the series GTA 5 still tops in the history of video game. The game earns $1 billion in its first day of release. As per the latest information, the game sold more than 60 million copies across the globe for the PS4 and Xbox one. Later this year it will be releasing for the fans who all are waiting for a long time. Now the GTA 6 is getting ready to be a part of this series. Yes, it is going to release in between 2019 and 2020. According to the rumour, the game’s pre-production work has been started long back.

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GTA6: Grand Theft Auto 6 Features

We all know that the game is yet to release across the globe after two years. Before the release, we are very much excited to know that what are the things have been to this part. Already the GTA 5G works big time, where the fans went crazy for realistic graphics. Check out this given link to know the evidence.

The stuff has been highly appreciated by the fans as well as the critics. Now the fans are waiting for the next instalment release. There are some of the features which are going to be a highlight in upcoming GTA 6 game.

1) Ultra Realistic graphics

This massive game is named for the great graphics from the part to the part 5. Now the GTA 6 looks like to release with a bang. Yes, the visuals are going to be a spectacular one than the previous GTA 5. One will feel that the graphics are on par with cinema.

2) Map for the Entire US

The last five GTA games of the series almost run with the map for one or two cities alone. As per the source, the GTA 6 getting ready to surprise you with entire US map. It means the each and every corner of the US cities will be shown. It seems fascinating.

3) Changing clothes

We could see in the previous parts, and the protagonists can change their clothes in the wardrobe. But this time each and every character can change their clothes which will also look stylish.

4) Vehicle modifications

The modifications of vehicles also more advanced than the GTA 5. The main part is the car themselves change their body, painting, speakers, neon lights, and wheels, etc.

5) Changing house

The user can also buy the house which looks real than the previous parts. Here rather buying the apartments you can buy the houses which are surrounding with the lovely garden, swimming pool, etc.

6) Additional realistic move

In this game, one could see the buildings, plane, and movement of people on the road will be like realistic. The gun shots, bomb blasts will look very real.

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Grand Theft Auto 6: GTA VI Release date

After the great success of last five parts of GTA series, fans are eagerly waiting for the next part to arrive soon. But no one has the idea that when it will be releasing. According to the close source, GTA 6 the game will be releasing in between the years of 2019 and 2020. We all know that the huge surprise is waiting for us. We can expect the GTA 6 release date of the game at any time from the game developers very soon. It is also possible that the game will release on next year. Yes, one can see the release dates of previous games have a gap of 5 years. So let’s hope for the best.

What’s new with GTA 6?

We all know that the GTA series has to gain the huge fan followers across the globe because of its brilliant stuff. Each and every part of the game has its identity in all the aspects. When we come to GTA 6, one can expect the unexpected outcome. Yes, the game is going to be a huge blockbuster among the people. GTA fans are hoping that the game has a brilliant concept with great graphics. It also has the great features which will attract all the fans across the globe.


For the information, GTA 6 expecting to break all the records of previous games record in the video games history. Hope the huge announcement regarding the release will be released soon from the Rockstar. This brilliant game will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox and PC. According to the developer’s statement from the recent interview, this game will entertain more than expected. This ultimate game will be releasing soon for the fans in the name of huge demand. As per the recent survey, the expectations for this game among the fans are sky high.

GTA 6: Price across the Globe

People all know that the previous games price. The prices of games quite different in some countries. Hope the same thing will going to happen during the release of GTA6. As per the official information, the price for the GTA 6 the game is yet to announce worldwide. The GTA 6 price will be at an affordable rate to buy this stunning game. The price of the game will announce soon to open the order for the first set of game copies for sale.

Grand theft auto 6, GTA 6 Features, GTA 6 Price


The fans of this GTA series have their GTA 6 wish list as demand for developers. The features and the information about the upcoming game GTA 6 will bring a smile on your face for sure. Now the game is in pre-production stages, which will lead to complete soon. Hope this gangster game will raise the hype even more than the previous games instalments. The GTA 6 ride will have more stunts, emotions, realistic graphics and much more. Those who are looking for this great game wait for few more days for the better outcome. Once the rock star announces the information about the GTA 6 Release Date and Price, fans can order for their copies. Hope this game will change the entire fate of the video game history.

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